The Print Cast

Day 3 | The Print Cast Daily - Live from the IFPDA 2019 in New York

October 26, 2019 IFPDA Season 1 Episode 16
The Print Cast
Day 3 | The Print Cast Daily - Live from the IFPDA 2019 in New York
Show Notes

Today on this mini episode of The Print Cast I recount a very busy day yesterday, Friday October 25th at the IFPDA Print Fair in New York. It was a busy day with Jeff Koons and Christophe Cherix discussing his work including his newest editions on view at The Two Palms booth here at the fair. It was a very illuminating talk that I can't wait to post here on the pod, but today I offer some brief details to entice you about what's to come on the show in the coming weeks.
Next I did interviews with Karl LaRocca from Kayrock Screenprinting and master printer Kathy Caraccio, both who work here in the city. Each of those interviews were different in style and form, and you'll be able to hear those talks later after I have time to edit it all together for your listening pleasure. Kathy's interview was especially lively and funny, so I recount some of the more vibrant aspects of our time on stage.
Two more talks finished the day from the fair programs. One was a conversation between artist Jamie Nares and JP Russell facilitated by Phil Sanders and a talk about how to collect prints with Helen Rosslyn from the London Original Print Fair.
Not only all that, but I also detail what's coming next including an awards presentation and discussion with artists Mel Bochner and Matthew Day Jackson with print collector Jordan Schnitzer. Jim Dine is also joining us Saturday in conversation with Master Printers Ruth Lingen and Julia D'Amario. I'll also be interviewing Leslie DiuGuid at the end of the day, which I am very excited about. There's a lot going on, my voice is getting raspy and tired, and I hope you enjoy hearing about the fair and what you can look forward to in audio for the Print Cast coming soon. Everything I record here will be shared with the podcast and online with the IFPDA, so you can all look forward to some great audio content in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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