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Getting Real w/ Louisville's Smoketown Printshop Calliope Arts

July 22, 2020 Calliope Arts, Rudy Salgado Jr., Susanna Crum Season 2 Episode 7
The Print Cast
Getting Real w/ Louisville's Smoketown Printshop Calliope Arts
Show Notes

Joining me on The Print Cast are Rudy Salgado Jr. and Susanna Crum of Calliope Arts in Louisville, KY. They are an artist couple who run their studio on the first floor of the building they live in near downtown Louisville. We talk about C-19, a print publishing project they started during quarantine that benefits KY and Southern Indiana artists. Our discussion about the pandemic transitioned into politics in their area including protests, BLM arrests at the mayor's residence, and the ongoing struggle to get justice for Breonna Taylor and others. Other mentions and topics are listed below. Take a listen and learn about Louisville's mainstay public printshop.

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Chickens and gardening
ISU where she teaches
Calliope Arts
Community Art Center in Danneville KY
Speed Art Museum
Being an LLC instead of a non-profit for flexibility
C-19 Publishing Project launched as a pivot from COVID-19
-artists work on a matrix and send it back for editioning
-Artist Relief Trust - to help KY artists, partnership between the maker, the studio, and the relief trust. The project has raised over $1200 at the publishing of this episode.
-Collect new prints and support a good cause
-Jim James of My Morning Jacket made a print
-Ron Whitehead made a print
-Hannah Drake - local poet made a print
Life during the pandemic in Louisville, KY
The oncoming reality of schools closing to in-person teaching for the rest of 2020
Dirty looks and comments for wearing a mask in public.
Developing curriculum for at-home learning
Black Lives Matter - Louisville perspective
Breonna Taylor 
How police broke into Breonna Taylor’s home and killed her while the suspect they were searching for was already in custody
David McAtee was killed by police at a summer protest in Louisville, and conveniently no body camera footage was available from the incident.
Navigating a relationship with a neighbor who has polar opposite political beliefs
Youth Build
Embracing the introvert in you to survive a pandemic
Susanna Crum is currently the President of Mid American Print Council, and she gives a MAPC 2020 Conference Update