The Print Cast

Linocut, my one true love, with Kari Kristensen aka The Printmaker and Her Dog

October 22, 2020 Kari Kristensen Season 2 Episode 9
The Print Cast
Linocut, my one true love, with Kari Kristensen aka The Printmaker and Her Dog
Show Notes

Today I’ve got a great conversation to share with you featuring an artist you may recognize as The Printmaker and Her Dog, or for non-instagram people, her name is Kari Kristensen. Kari is a relief printmaker based in Vancouver,  Canada where she pumps out iterations of her stylized landscape prints. Kari has a great presence on social media, and there’s something really appealing about the type of work she does. It’s simple, monochromatic, and presents a field of view that makes you want to jump in and get lost amidst the lines and dots she carefully renders. We get into topics around the origins and influences behind her landscapes, lots of Canada-related discussion, and we share some love for our favorite papers and relief printing methods. Speaking of relief printing, there are a couple priceless tips today in our Let’s Get Technical segment, so hang in because you won’t want to miss them. 

We get into...
Art in Canada
Group of 7 painters
London Regionalist Movement
Being an artist from Ontario
Creating uniquely Canadian art
Speaking with an accent...or thinking you don’t have one.
Artist Ken Danby - artist who did image of hockey players
Vancouver peaks called The Two Lions
Granville Island - printing press capital of Canada
Peter Brauhn - master printmaker on Granville Island
Thomas Printing Presses - vancouver press maker
Calvert Guthrie - printshop manager in Kansas City
BIMPE - biennial print exchange
Doing murals that convey the quality of prints
Living with Arithmomania, the OCD condition
Making flat prints that appear digital
Dave Lefner relief prints

Today’s Let’s Get Technical:
How to treat lino before starting
Maintaining all types of tools including speedball cutters
Big love for #1 blade speedball carving tools
Takach Rollers for extra nice ink rolling

East Side Culture Crawl in Vancouver
Favorite Paper: Arnhem 1618 (245gsm) from Blick
Let's not forget the luscious Arches 88
Having multiple revenue streams: studio crawls, gallery sales, art rentals, 
Squarespace online sales portal - posting featured works and not overwhelming buyers
Having a dog keeps you in touch with life outside the studio
How being gay and having OCD lead to a life with linocut