The Print Cast

Master Printer Kathy Caraccio

February 27, 2021 Kathy Caraccio Season 2 Episode 13
The Print Cast
Master Printer Kathy Caraccio
Show Notes

Kathy Caraccio is a New York based master printer who started out studying under Arun Bos at Hunter College in the 60's, and after graduating spent four years printing and absorbing all kinds of knowledge at Robert Blackburns Print Workshop. It was there she learned the ins and outs of being a collaborating printer and got glimpses into the world of dealing and collecting prints by watching Robert Blackburn sell the prints published in his studio. Her first publishing job was for Pace, before they had their own print operation, printing a commemorative suite of etchings  for Louise Nevelson. She opened her studio and has been a printer for the past 43 years, printing for the likes of Ema Amos, Ed Clarke, Romaire Beardon, Sol LeWitt and many other artists. Kathy comes on the Print Cast to tell her story about she got into printmaking, what it was like working at Robert Blackburn's print studio, and stories of the many collaborations she has done since then.

Today’s Let’s Get Technical is all about Collagraph! Hear some great tips from the master herself.
-Using a PVC plastic or polystyrene plate (sintra is one brand )
-How to prepare the plate with a mesh that simulates an aquatint
-Adding collage materials...but not too much
-Printing the plate in intaglio and relief styles

See Kathy's collection and learn more about her at
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Some other announcements:
Self Help Graphics is having its Biennial Print Summit over Zoom, March 10,11,12 of 2021. Check their website for more info.
Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles is also hiring a Master Printer with a specialty in Serigraphy. Learn more at